Top 5 eco-Friendly Shower Gels

Have you been throwing away your empty plastic bottles of shower gel and are looking for something more environmentally friendly? 

Then look no further!

We’ve trailed some of the most eco-friendly shower gels currently on the market. So you know the pros and cons of each and understand which ones will suit you best.

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1. Clovelly Soap On A Rope

Clovelly’s soap on a rope is a fantastic addition to any bathroom.

The detail that goes into making each shower gel bar is amazing, and the choice of different scents is incredible – you won’t have any trouble finding a scent that you love!

Putting the rope around your wrist means you won’t drop it in the shower. It also means you can hang it up once you’ve finished using it, which saves space and doesn’t make your surfaces all soapy.

It comes in plastic-free packaging (even the rope is made from 100% bio-degradable cotton), meaning that you’re doing your bit for the environment too!

This is also the lowest priced option on our list.

If you’re looking for an alternative eco-friendly shower gel, then you should certainly give this soap on a rope a try!

Eco friendly shower gel on a rope

2. Ethique Eco-Friendly Shower Gel Bar

Our second favourite eco-friendly shower gel is the Ethique body-wash bar.

The sweet orange and vanilla bar smells good but isn’t as strongly scented at the ‘soap on a rope’. It also doesn’t have a rope, which makes it a little trickier to use in the shower! 

That being said, it still washes very well.

The bar doesn’t create as much lather but moisturises your skin much more. So this is perfect for people with dryer skin.

It is roughly the same size as the Clovelly soap, but the Ethique bar is priced slightly higher, but that is made up for it with the more compact design which allows you to get more use out of it.

If you’re looking for an alternative to plastic shower gels and want to keep your skin moisturised then this is the pick for you!

Shower Gel Bar Benefits

3. PraNaturals African Black Soap

A slightly alternative option on this list is the PraNaturals African Black Soap.

Whilst it can be used as a shower gel, it can also be used as a shampoo and a daily face wash. – Although I’m not too sure about the face mask!

This all-rounder does exactly that, for those who are looking for a one-stop-shop to their washing routine.

Whilst the shampoo didn’t work as well as specifically designed shampoo bars, this did work great as a shower gel.

Its black colour can make it look a little unappealing, but it still works just the same. The scent doesn’t stand out as much as the first two options on the list but still smells natural.

If you’re looking for a low-cost option which will see you through your full shower routine, then this is the best choice.

How to use the Shampoo and Shower Gel Bar

4. Molton Brown Bodyscrub Bar

Molton Brown have created a men’s shower gel bar which smells fantastic. 

The natural black peppercorn in the bar helps exfoliate the skin, whilst lathering up well and smelling great.

If you don’t pick one up yourself, you can always keep this in-mind for somebody as an eco-friendly gift!

Again this comes in plastic-free wrapping, so helps you cut down on your plastic waste.

It’s made in the UK, which also means that there is less mileage that goes in the delivery of your soap!

This is on the more expensive side, but is still a fantastic option for the price!

Molton Shower Gel Bar Flavour Explained

5. Australian Bodycare Eco-Friendly Refill

Our final option on this list isn’t a soap bar but is instead an eco-friendly shower gel alternative.

Whilst most people continue to use traditional shower gel’s – this is a way that you might not have considered to help reduce your plastic waste.

Buying a refill pack means you can refill your plastic shower gel bottles without using as much plastic. – It also works out cheaper in the long run.

If you’re interested in trying out the Australian Bodycare body wash, you can buy your first one here. Then you can buy the refill packs up afterwards if you like.

This method is still not as environmentally friendly as buying bars, which is why this is at the bottom of the list.

Another alternative to this would be to find your local eco-friendly refill store, which you can visit to refill your shampoo and shower gel bottles without having to buy any more plastic at all. 

If you want to give the Australian Bodycare eco-friendly refill a try, you can check it out on Amazon below. 

australian eco friendly shower gel reffill

A summary of our top 5

1. Clovelly Soap On A Rope

The best choice of scents
Eco Friendly shower gel bar

2. Ethique Eco-Friendly Shower Gel Bar

Great for dry skin
Ethique eco friendly shower gel bar

3. PraNaturals African Black Soap

Perfect for body and hair
African Black Shower Soap

4. Molton Brown Bodyscrub Bar

Smells amazing

Molton Brown Shower Gel Bodyscrub Bar

5. Australian Bodycare Eco-Friendly Refill

A great alternative to traditional shower gel
australian eco friendly shower gel reffill

Our Conclusion

Traditional shower gel’s come in plastic bottles and cause havoc to our oceans and our atmosphere.

By moving to more eco-friendly shower gel alternatives, we help tackle that problem, and there some fantastic alternatives out there.

Make sure you pick up your shower gel bar and join the movement to a brighter future!

Our favourite option was the soap on a rope, because of its convenience, its price and it’s usability, but there are thousands of different choices out there.

You will even be able to find ones in your local towns and villages which will be handmade by local businesses. You should support your local businesses as much as possible too.

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