Top 5 eco-Friendly Shampoo Alternatives

It’s not just food and drinks packaging that is pilling up! The UK collectively throws away 520 million shampoo bottles every year.

Which is why we think it’s important to highlight some of the best eco-friendly shampoo alternatives that are convenient, good for the environment, but still work really well for your hair!

Below our our top 5 environmentally friendly shampoo suggestions.

If you’re looking for more ways to cut down plastic in the bathroom, check out our article on eco friendly shower gels too.

Woman Using Eco Friendly Shampoo

1. Ethique Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar

Ethique’s eco-friendly shampoo bar is a great addition to any bathroom.

The quality range of bars are suitable for all types of hair and scalps. They have an oily hair bar, a dandruff bar for dry scalps and a sweet and spicy scented bar that smells great and gives your hair that extra volume.

Shampoo bars are a great way to cut down on your plastic waste. These bars are eco-friendly packed, which ensures minimal carbon emissions delivering the product, and ultimately no plastic waste once you’re finished.

If you’ve never used an eco-friendly shampoo bar before, and don’t know what to expect, the Ethique Bars are a fantastic place to start, the bars lather well and smell fantastic!

The change from bottle to bar is much simpler than you think!

and we’ve noticed no difference moving from the traditional bottled shampoo.

You may be thinking that £10+ is expensive, but do remember that 1 bar lasts as long as 3 bottles of liquid shampoo!

Ethique eco friendly shampoo bar

2. Faith In Nature Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar

A close second is the Faith In Nature shampoo bar. 

This eco-friendly alternative is smaller and cheaper than the Ethique bar but doesn’t have as much variation for hair types.

If you don’t suffer from oily hair or dry scalp, then this shampoo bar is a fantastic option for you.

We loved the smell of the dragon fruit bar, but you can also choose from coconut and shea butter or lavender and geranium.

As with the first shampoo bar, you benefit from no plastic waste and efficient shipping.

Faith In Nature pride themselves on creating 100% natural products that are cruelty free and vegan which is always a plus!

At a lower price point to the Ethique shampoo bar it is a great first-time choice too!

Faith In Nature Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar

3. Faith In Nature Shampoo Refill Pack

If you’re not quite ready to switch to a shampoo bar, then switching your current plastic habits to a larger refill shampoo is the next best option.

Faith In Natures bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable too.

They save on plastic packaging making them more eco-friendly than traditional smaller shampoo bottles.

They come in a variety of scents, grapefruit & orange is our favourite but coconut was a close second! 

Check out their full range of eco-friendly shampoo refills on Amazon!


Eco Friendly Faith In Nature shampoo

4. Clovelly Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar

Clovelly’s shampoo bar is another fantastic option for those seeking to cut down on bathroom plastic!

The smell of this bar isn’t as strong as others on the list. But some people may find this a positive, as shampoo smell can often be overwhelming.

This bar took us a little longer to get used to, as the texture is slightly different to other bars we have tried. 

If you’re brand new to trying shampoo bars, we’d recommend others on this list.

That being said, after several weeks, the bars benefits began to shine through, and our hair began to look and feel great!

Again there are several choices on smell, so you can choose the one that appeals to you the most!


Clovelly Shampoo Bar Zero Plastic

5. Eco Warrior Shampoo Bar

A couple of options on this list are £10+. The Eco Warrior shampoo bar under-cuts the competition with their low-cost eco-friendly shampoo bar.

Although the bar is one of the smaller ones on this list, the cost per 100g is still the cheapest.

For the price, you are getting fantastic value!

Eco Warrior has focused their effort on creating just one Shampoo Bar, so if you have dry or oily hair, then this bar might not be right for you.

This bar lathers up really well in the shower, so is a great option for people who are new to eco-friendly shampoo bars.


Eco Warrior Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar

A summary of our top 5

1. Ethique Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar

Best range for all hair types 
Ethique eco friendly shampoo bar Kiwi

2. Faith In Nature Shampoo Bar

Amazing range of smells!
Faith In Nature Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar

3. Faith In Nature Refill Bottle

Refill means less land-fill!
Faith In Nature Refill Shampoo

4. Clovelly Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar

Great long term results
Clovelly Shampoo Bar Zero Plastic

5. Eco Warrior Shampoo Bar

Most cost effective option
Eco Warrior Shampoo Bar In Plastic Free Package

Our Conclusion

Traditional shampoo bottles come in plastic bottles and which is devastating our environment.

Shampoo bars are a great opportunity for you to become more eco-friendly.

Traditional shampoo bottles contain 80% water, whereas shampoo bars are concentrated to last longer, meaning they cost less to the environment to deliver to your door!

By making a simple change to eco-friendly shampoo alternatives, you can help tackle the plastic problem!

Our favourite is the Ethique bar, because of its huge range of bars designed specifically for different hair types, but there are many more choices for you to choose from too!

If you are looking to switch more of your bathroom habits, then you should also check our our recent posts on Eco Friendly Shower Gels and Eco Friendly Makeup Removers! 

Somebody using a shampoo bar

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