Top 5 eco-Friendly Razors

Are you tired of having to throw away your disposable razor after just a single use? Not only do disposables generate waste, they’re often far from the truly close shave you expect from a razor. 

Disposable plastic razors  are made from mixed plastic materials and are not easily recycled because their sharp nature is hazardous, hence they clog up landfill sites.

The manufacturing process is complex and costly. What’s more, they are often sold in unnecessary blister plastic packaging.

Below we look at eco-friendly razor alternatives that produce a much cleaner shave (both for you and the environment!)

eco friendly razors

1. Bambaw Eco-Friendly Razor

Rediscover the classic eco-friendly shaving experience with the eco friendly Double Edge Safety Razor from Bambaw.

The slim butterfly razor is designed to slide easily through your facial hair, maximising comfort and minimising irritation by using only a single blade. With an easy-to-load design and a comfortable, ergonomic handle.

The design of the Double Edge Razor sets it apart from other eco-friendly razors on the market. It has a sleek, simple look that lets you focus on your shave, not the tool you’re using to shave with. This razor is eco friendly, made from 100% recycled materials, and our packaging is recyclable as well.

The Double Edge Safety Razor uses a 100% recyclable razor blade that can last up to 5 times longer than a cartridge or disposable razors. The bar is made from chromed brass, and is stamped from a single sheet of metal. Stainless steel can be used with all shaving soaps, creams, and gels… even the hard soaps work great! You have complete control over your shave whether you’re a beginner or expert.

Bambaw Eco Friendly Razor

2. ecoKiwi Rose Gold Safety Razor

This high quality, rose gold safety razor is not only eco friendly but it can also change the way you shave.

Designed to be seen and used, the Rose Gold Safety Razor was made with the modern woman in mind.

This razor features a luxury finish and design – an alternative to the old-fashioned and highly unattractive plastic varieties. It has a low profile and is built for precision shaving, while still easy to use and maintain. The handle’s ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold, even when shaving difficult areas such as your legs.

rose gold eco friendly womens razor

3. Bambaw Black Safety Razor

This special design Bambaw Black Safety Razor with the latest technology to give you a close, clean shave while saving you money, protecting your skin & helping the environment.

Perfect for men who are always on the go. Also ideal for travellers, campers, soldiers, sailors, plumbers, electricians and even barbershops.

Bambaw Black safety razor is a beautiful razor has a a contemporary design. It comes with an ergonomic handle to protect your wrist from being twisted. It’s a sleek design, which is not bulky or heavy. Bambaw Black Safety Razor is eco friendly and perfectly compatible with the most popular replacement blades on the market today.

This is a great alternative to the bamboo razor listed above.

eco friendly razor for men

4. Bambaw Pink Eco-Friendly Razor

Bambaw’s Metal Safety Razor for Women is designed to be used with eco-friendly double edge razor blades.

Bambaw metal safety razors are are made from surgical steel that are perfectly balanced, easy to use and hygienic.

These razors are designed with the hair removal guidelines in mind, giving you an effortless shave without nicks or cuts.

We liked this razor so much that we included both colours for you to chose from!

eco friendly razor for women

5. Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor

Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor is handmade of REAL bamboo. This is the perfect razor for sensitive skin. The Head is made of high quality zinc alloy and premium stainless steel blades.

Jungle Culture razors offer a safe and eco friendly way to shave. Made from real bamboo, these fine quality razors are as smooth as silk and as elegant as gold. They glide like razor sailing on fresh water, leaving skin as smooth as silk. 

This is a great alternative to the more popular Bambaw razor at the top of this list, and slightly cheaper too.

Eco friendly razor for men and women

6. Don't forget the razor blades!

Derby razors are made in Germany where they have produced great shaving products for over 60 years. The secret is their sharp Derby Extra blades that are simply the best disposable blades on the market today.

These super thin wafer sharp blades glide effortlessly through the whiskers, cutting safely and comfortably without pulling or tugging for an incredibly close shave. They deliver top performance every time you shave, with virtually no irritation.

This pack of 100 is less than £6 which is why ditching the disposable razors is just as good for your walet as it is for the environment.

A summary of our top 5

1.Bambaw Eco-Friendly Razor

Best all-round choice
Bambaw Eco Friendly Razor

2. ecoKiwi Rose Gold Safety Razor

Best for sensitive skin
rose gold eco friendly womens razor

3. Bambaw Black Safety Razor

Men’s top pick
eco friendly razor for men

4. Bambaw Pink Eco-Friendly Razor

Women’s top pick
eco friendly razor for women

5. Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor

Second bamboo alternative
Eco friendly razor for men and women

6. Razor blades

Cost effective extras

Our Conclusion

Traditional razors are causing significant environmental impact across the globe.

By moving to more eco-friendly razor alternatives, we help tackle that problem, and there some fantastic alternatives out there.

Make sure you pick up your extra razor blades too and join the movement to a brighter future!

Our favourite option was Bambaw eco-friendly razor, because of its price and it’s usability, but there are thousands of different choices out there.

You will even be able to find ones in your local towns and villages which will be handmade by local businesses. You should support your local businesses as much as possible too.

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