Top 5 eco-Friendly Makeup Removers

Picking up a pack of eco-friendly makeup remover pads is a great way to help the environment, and save you money in the long run!

A lot of us have never used them before, and don’t know how good they are…

 So we’ve done the hard work and given you our recommendations on the top 5 makeup removers so you know which ones are perfect for you!

Girl using eco-friendly makeup remover

1. Bambaw's Makeup Remover Pads

After reviewing Bambaw’s makeup remover pads, they were an instant winner for us.

Everything seemed great, the price-point, the packaging, and importantly the combination soft and harder scrub pads.

The softer pads were great for everyday makeup, and the scrub pads managed even the toughest of makeup. – We are very impressed!

When put in the wash, the makeup comes off fairly easily except some tougher makeup like lipstick!

The washable bag that it comes with is great for travelling too.

Everything was packed in a nice eco-friendly box, which of course is a huge tick from us!

A bonus is that the scrub pad acts as an exfoliator too so is great for my skin.

Soft and Hard Scrub Makeup Removers

2. Spaces Organic Makeup Remover Pads

Space’s organic makeup remover pads were a very close runner up. 

The pads themselves are fantastically soft and does a great job of removing makeup.

You do get 20 cotton pads in the pack, which is slightly more than Bambaw’s pack, however, all 20 are the same material. They don’t have any scrub ones for tougher makeup!

On top of the fact, this massively reduces the use of your single-use makeup removers there is no plastic in the packaging so that ticks the eco-friendly box!


Bamboo cotton makeup remover pads

If you’re still unsure, you should check out the below video, which goes into more detail about the day-to-day use of the product and how it can save both your money and the environment!

3. Ponsey Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Ponsey’s reusable makeup removers are one of the higher-priced products on our list, but they certainly stand out against the rest.

This pack of reusable makeup remover pads has a variety of different pads, which are great for removing makeup on all skin types.

You have a combination of 2 softer pads which are perfect for sensitive parts of the skin (such as around the eyes).

Then you have tougher pads which are great for stubborn makeup.

You can use both sides which helps increase the time between washes. 

When washing these, the makeup came off easier than the others we tested which is a great bonus!

Ponsey Eco Friendly Makeup Remover Pads

4. PureXT Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

PureXT Reusable Cotton Pad has 3 Layers of eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo fibre. This helps retain shape and improves durability.

This means they also absorb more, so can remove more makeup with each wipe.

All pads are made from the same material, so there are no hard-scrub ones for tougher makeup.

There are 16 in the box, which for average-makeup wearers might be sufficient, but heavy makeup users may need to consider purchasing another box so that they have enough whilst the rest are in the wash!

PureXT have made a great environmentally friendly makeup remover, so if you’re looking to help the environment then you should definitely consider buying these.


Pure XT Eco Friendly Makeup Remover

5. Ecobrite eco-friendly makeup remover pads

Ecobrite has put together a great value package, which includes not only 18 eco-friendly makeup remover pads, but also 200 bamboo cotton buds too!

The value of this pack is incredible, the pads aren’t as exciting and unique as some of the others on this list.

Whilst they do provide different size pads, the material is the same, so there is no added scrubbing benefit.

The pads also didn’t hold up too well in the washing machine either and lost their softness after one wash.

The fact that this is one of the cheapest options on the list and includes the bamboo cotton buds then is certainly an eco-friendly makeup remover that you should be considering!

Ecobrite reusable makeup remover pads

The summary of our top 5

1. Bambaw’s Makeup Remover Pads

An all-round great choice.
Bambaw makeup remover pads

2. Spaces Organic Makeup Remover Pads

Great for all skin types.

3. Ponsey Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Great for sensitive eyes.
Ponsey reusable makeup remover pads

4. PureXT Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Plastic-free packaging.

5. Ecobrite eco-friendly makeup remover pads

Most cost-effective
Ecobrite reusable makeup remover pads

Our Conclusion

Single-use makeup removers are a strain on the environment. 

Every time that we throw away a cotton pad, or face-wipe we are adding to the mess. Not to mention that 93% of sewage blockages are caused by wet wipes!

By picking up a pack of eco-friendly makeup remover pads, you are not only helping the planet, but you will be looking after your money in the long run.

For us, it’s a clear choice, which will also help clear up your skin. Make the right choice today and start becoming more eco friendly!

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